Jaguar Mark 5
– seats 3 to 4 passengers
The Jaguar Mark 5 saloon was first launched in 1948 at the London Motor Show, with just over ten thousand built from 1948 till 1951. It is renowned throughout the wedding scene as one of the most stylish and desirable vehicles. With its sports car styling and sleek lines, no wonder it’s the favoured choice of bride and groom alike.
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Bentley Mark 6 (R Type)
– seats 4 passengers
The Bentley Mark 6 R Type is one of the most sought after wedding cars. With its elegant lines and timeless appeal, it makes the perfect accompaniment to a classic style wedding. Made as an update to the Mark 6 Bentley, it included a larger engine and a more spacious boot. Made from 1952-1955, a total of 2,320 were produced globally.
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Austin Princess Limousine
– seats 6-8 passengers
With only 1500 ever built between the years of 1952-1968, the Austin Princess Limousine, with coachwork by Vanden Plas, is very exclusive and unique. Formerly used by royalty and other dignitaries throughout Europe, these spacious limousines will bring a regal touch to your wedding day. The abundant cabin space of the Princess Limousine is an important feature, as it can either comfortably accommodate all your attendants in the one vehicle, or if used as the bridal car, it will allow any bride to graciously enter and depart the vehicle with ease.
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